Anti-Aging with Acupuncture & TCM

Through out Chinese history, there have been known individuals to have extended life that the Chinese people would call immortals or xiān.  Realistically they are not immortals but because they know how to stay healthy with proper diet, doing Qi Gong, meditation and herbal consumption.  As mentioned many of these immortals were doing Qi Going which is balancing the body’s energy or Qi.  Acupuncture can be used for the same purpose.  Using acupuncture to balance the body’s Qi to stay healthy is one of the secrets to Chinese people having long life span.

A very well known xiān is Li Ching-Yuen, who lived to be 256 years old.

At GJ Wellness, our advanced  acupuncture treatment can help the body heal and repair the body.  This is how the body stays healthy and slow down aging.  Many of our patients not only feel better but physically change including darker hair color, thicker hair, less wrinkles, improved vision, less body aches.  The list goes on and on, depending on which services our patients include in their anti-aging treatment.

Our Anti-Aging program includes a combination of acupuncture & herbal formulas.  Supplementing the body with other supplements is just as important such as vitamins through our Vitamin Consultation.  Occasionally our detox program can be included in our Anti-Aging program.

More importantly meditation is just as important as Li Ching-Yuen stressed as having a calm mind is one of the keys to staying healthy.  At GJ Wellness, we teach traditional meditation not New Age meditation.  Our traditional meditation has its root from thousands of years that has not changed.