Leaking Gut Syndrome

At GJ Wellness, we have treated many difficult cases including Leaking Gut Syndrome and have successfully healed our patients.

People who suffer Leaking Gut Syndrome includes many IBS symptoms but more severe where the patient can not hold their bowel and “leak” through their rectum. This is rather embarrassing but there is hope at GJ Wellness.

Cleveland Hospital has a good article about Leaking Gut Syndrome.

Symptoms can include:
*Burning feeling in guts
*Pain in guts
*Excessive gas & bloating
*Poor energy from the reduced ability to digest food
*Poor sleep
*Accidental Leaks through rectum

Our most complicated case for Leaking Gut Syndrome was with a victim who had been suffering for over 20 years.  Every night, patients have accidental “leaks” in bed and had to sleep on a separate bed from wife.

The patient found us through hearing about our acupuncturist Edward Wong.  We advised patient to move forward with a combination of acupuncture and herbal formulas.  Patient was very resistant but gradually agreed to our treatment protocol.  Within two weeks, patient noticed significant improvement.  After 1 month, patient was no longer experiencing “leaking” accidents.  In 2 months, patient felt normal.  Patient still continues maintenance with acupuncture treatments and is very satisfied with our service.