Vitamin Consultation

GJ Wellness offer Vitamin Consultation.

Many of us our not eating correctly so we have nutritional deficiency. More so vegetables and fruits these days are grown in nutrient deficient soil. Therefore our daily ingestion of vegetables, fruits and food are not enough to stay healthy.

Nutrient depletion in soil affects are grown food.

Sadly as we age our vitamin deficiency gets worse.

Taking high quality vitamins with certain combinations can help an individual perform better at work and daily life. This includes physical and mental performance.

High quality vitamins is very important for athletes to have the competitive edge. We can tremendously help you improve in sports and any physical competition through a vitamin consultation.

Our vitamin consultation is tested on athletes and on our staff. The effect is usually noticeable in one day. Continuous improvements will be noticeable more as you continuously take our high quality vitamins.

Our vitamin consultation will help you combine certain vitamins together to allow vitamins to work together synergistically so you take less amount. This will save money too by taking less vitamins.

Also combining certain vitamins together creates a synergistic effect that can help help maximize absorption rate.

“More energy”
“Less pain”
These are just some of the words our patients use to describe their feeling when properly taking vitamins through our vitamin consultation

Call us today to schedule an appointment so we can carefully evaluate your needs to give you a personalized vitamin supplementation.