Acupuncture for COVID19

1.)  We can help boost your immunity with acupuncture, herbal formulas and vitamins.

By boosting your immunity our treatment can prevent your body from catching the COVID19 Virus or from the common cold.  This will also prevent you from getting sore throat and have the body to respond better in cold weather.  This form of treatment is called Preventive Care and it is very important concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

2.)  Recovering from COVID19??
Loss of smell?
Loss of taste?
Loss of vision?
Chronic body pain & aches?
We can help with your recovery from COVID19 through acupuncture and herbal medicine.  We have successfully treated patients with these and other symptoms related to COVID19.

3.)  Sadly there are a few that have been injured by the COVID19 Vaccine.  We can discuss your options for this.

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