In the USA, our healthcare system is a Sickcare system as stated by Dr. Stephen C. Schimpff, MD and Dr. Mark Hyman, MD. We treat patients when they are sick with prescription drugs to temporarily fix their problems then add more drugs to treat the side effects of the previous medications. Preventive Care is to keep the body healthy so that you are NOT dependent on prescription drugs or the need for surgeries.  Another words, Preventive Care is to treat the body before it turns into a problem or disease.

In the modern world, there is a need for pharmaceutical drugs but not in excess and definitely not the dependency on it.  This is where Preventive Care of TCM comes into play as stated by Dr. Andrew Weil, MD.  Dr. Weil calls it a “tune up” as it should be noted.

Our goal as a (w)holistic practitioner, is to PREVENT the body from getting to the need for more drastic measure. A skilled and experienced acupuncturist can diagnose your condition to treat your minor problems before it progresses into bigger problems. This practice of preventive care is called diagnosing the “Acute” and “Chronic” problems and creating a treatment plan to stay healthy.

Acupuncture, Tuina, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, herbal formulas and therapeutic dosages of vitamins can be used as preventive care.

See your acupuncturist once a year as preventive care.