We offer private lessons for Qi Gong, Tai Chi or meditation.


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Edward is well respected in the acupuncturist community. With over 30 years of experience, Edward has a deep understanding of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine.) His acupuncturist notes are well sought out during his college years in ACAOM and still requested today among his peers.

Edward practices what he preaches. He is a living example on how effective TCM is in curing diseases. In 2015, Edward was able to heal himself of a terminal disease with herbs and Qi Gong.

Edward has healed many……….
Even the most complex cases of injury and pain, he is able to provide relief to those who has seeked him out.

In 2018, Edward travelled back to China to heal his distant relatives because NO acupuncturist or MD in China can heal them!

Combining his experience in Qi Gong, Tai Chi and TCM, Edward is a master of his art. His skills are a reflection of his deep knowledge of healing people through his work.

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In the USA, our healthcare system is a Sickcare system as stated by Dr. Stephen C. Schimpff, MD and Dr. Mark Hyman, MD. We treat patients when they are sick with prescription drugs to temporarily fix their problems then add more drugs to treat the side effects of the previous medications. Preventive Care is to keep the body healthy so that you are NOT dependent on prescription drugs or the need for surgeries.  Another words, Preventive Care is to treat the body before it turns into a problem or disease.

In the modern world, there is a need for pharmaceutical drugs but not in excess and definitely not the dependency on it.  This is where Preventive Care of TCM comes into play as stated by Dr. Andrew Weil, MD.  Dr. Weil calls it a “tune up” as it should be noted.

Our goal as a (w)holistic practitioner, is to PREVENT the body from getting to the need for more drastic measure. A skilled and experienced acupuncturist can diagnose your condition to treat your minor problems before it progresses into bigger problems. This practice of preventive care is called diagnosing the “Acute” and “Chronic” problems and creating a treatment plan to stay healthy.

Acupuncture, Tuina, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, herbal formulas and therapeutic dosages of vitamins can be used as preventive care.

See your acupuncturist once a year as preventive care.


We offer weekend workshops covering a particular topic in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Tai Chi or Qi Gong.

Occasionally we have FREE Weekend workshops in Houston to educate the public.


Meditation can help you find your inner self and calm you down. By calming down and understanding yourself you can reach your full potential.

Meditation is also a way for you to deal with the fast-paced world that we live in. Learn to De-stress through our meditation techniques.

Our breathing method is very unique. It starts with a particular way to breathe to bring the Qi down from your brain to your Dan Tian, literally turning off your brain so that you are calmer and thinking less. At the same time, this breathing method helps create Qi in the body, literally charging the body with Qi (energy.)

After decades of training in Qi Gong with foundation from GM Yang Jwing Ming. Edward created a modified, unique breathing method.

-Lower blood pressure
-Lower blood sugar
-increase mental focus
-increase concentration

Kids can start meditation too.
1.  Better performance in school
2.  Improve self confidence.
3.  Discipline
4.  Improve Athletic abilities.
5.  More scholarships from prestigious colleges

Unfortunately training kids requires much attention and only Private lessons are available for kids.


We have group classes or private lessons taught by Edward Wong. Edward has over 35+ years of training in Tai Chi and Qi gong.

Chen Tai Chi
Yang Tai Chi
Qi Gong (Meditation)

Not only can Tai Chi heal, but Tai Chi can be used for PREVENTIVE CARE.

We offer private lessons for Qi Gong andTai Chi.


Healing starts with you.

After an extensive initial consultation or diagnosing your problem, a treatment plan is carefully designed for YOU!

A treatment plan can include acupuncture, herbal consultation, herbal supplements, diet consultation, cupping, Tuina (Acupressure,) Gua Sha, Tai Chi, Vitamins, Qi Gong (meditation.)

If you are afraid of needles, consider Tuina (Acupressure) for treatment. Another option is herbal consultation for use of proper herbal formulas to treat your condition without needles.

Our practice focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicine and high quality vitamins & supplements.

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We help our patients achieve optimal health through the healing of mind, body and spirit.

This is not a new philosophy. This practice of healing the mind, body & spirit for health has long been accepted during Socrates time. In TCM, this (w)holistic concept is what health is. Mind, body & spirit are dependent on one another to maintain optimal health. This is the fundamental theory in TCM.

Your mind is your mental health. Your ability to stay calm and think rationally. Your ability to focus.

Your spirit is your inner-self that gives you your consciousness. Sometimes refer to your soul. Your spirit affects your body and physical health.

Meditation can help you find your inner self and calm you down. By calming down and understanding yourself you can reach your full potential.