Meditation can help you find your inner self and calm you down. By calming down and understanding yourself you can reach your full potential.

Meditation is also a way for you to deal with the fast-paced world that we live in. Learn to De-stress through our meditation techniques.

Our breathing method is very unique. It starts with a particular way to breathe to bring the Qi down from your brain to your Dan Tian, literally turning off your brain so that you are calmer and thinking less. At the same time, this breathing method helps create Qi in the body, literally charging the body with Qi (energy.)

After decades of training in Qi Gong with foundation from GM Yang Jwing Ming. Edward created a modified, unique breathing method.

-Lower blood pressure
-Lower blood sugar
-increase mental focus
-increase concentration

Kids can start meditation too.
1.  Better performance in school
2.  Improve self confidence.
3.  Discipline
4.  Improve Athletic abilities.
5.  More scholarships from prestigious colleges

Unfortunately training kids requires much attention and only Private lessons are available for kids.